From Our Happy Clients

“As a stay at home mom, I don’t have lots of time to take my computer to the Apple store and wait in line to see if they can help…then I might even have to give up my computer for awhile.  With The Computer Fairy, Aliza came right to me!  While I did the laundry and caught up on paperwork, within two hours she had determined the problem, fixed it and had my laptop working good as new.  Plus, she’s a woman, so she “gets me!”  I gave her name to two friends, and they loved her just as much.

Allie W.

“I’m a busy entrepreneur who barely has time to eat lunch most days.  But in addition to my jam-packed days, I HATE computers.  I know they’re a “necessary evil” but I have very little understanding of how to set up a new computer, install a wireless printer, or even how to create a very basic Powerpoint presentation.  Until the Computer Fairy, I got by with the bare minimum, but now I have a fully functioning, leading edge home office, and whenever I need a “refresher” on any basic computer skills, I call The Computer Fairy!  She’s been a real asset to my business!”

Linda P.

These days, no matter what your business—even if you’re a “solopreneur” and the wearer of ALL hats, you still need a professional, complete and attractive, easy to navigate website.  I had a website, but it hadn’t been updated in ages, and was difficult to navigate, especially on a mobile phone (isn’t that how everyone looks up websites now anyway?).  When I called Aliza Freedman, The Computer Fairy, I wasn’t sure what I needed, but she knew right away.  We sat down together, she rolled up her sleeves, and in just a few weeks, I now have an incredible website I can be really proud of.  My business has started increasing (I’m up 10% since last month when I was still using the old site), because she helped me with me SEO too (search engine optimization).  Now people can find my business on the web easily, and when they do, they see a professional, engaging website that reflects who I am, and what we do. I didn’t know how much my website was missing, and that could be so easily provided—all with one stop!”

Emma G.

“I was recently visiting my mother over the summer in Connecticut, and when I left she asked if I could teach her how to use FaceTime and Facebook so she could stay in touch with her grandkids (my children).  She wanted to be able to see my daughter's high school graduation ceremony.  Since we live so far away, I thought it was a great idea.  I had such a hard time trying to teach her the basics that I called The Computer Fairy.  In just a couple of private lessons with my mom, right in her own house, she is now able to see pictures, and talk “realtime” to my whole family.  Thank goodness for The Computer Fairy!”

Lisa D.