Our Unique Process Instills Competence And Confidence

What we normally do is go through the process three times.

Step 1: Walk through a task slowly while a client watches how something is accomplished. This is a great way to get a good sense of what is involved.

Step 2:  Go through the same process while clients take detailed notes, writing down each step to complete the task.

Step 3:  We switch chairs and clients follow their notes to achieve what they wanted to learn.   This  is our way to assure clients that not only can they complete their task but allow for another opportunity to ask questions for anything that needs to be clarified.  

We have found this 1-2-3 method of personal computer instruction to be very effective. People learn by watching and then by doing!


Our # 1 goal is to have clients learn what they want to learn and to answer any questions they may have. 


Among our many popular instructional lessons are:

Using Zoom or working remotely • Sending emails or how to file attachments  • Downloading photos and backing up your precious files and photos • Setting up a blog


Individualized Special Instruction And Support For Your Elderly Parents or Family Members:

Do you have an elderly parent, aunt, or special someone who just can’t seem to get the hang of the most basic computer skills, yet they want to stay “connected?”  At The Computer Fairy, we have a very special understanding of their particular challenges, whether they be memory-related, fear-based, or a combination of several possible factors.  We work with seniors in a very gentle, calm and effective way.  We understand that not everyone learns the same way…and that’s where we excel!

Grandma wants to see pictures of her grandchildren far away?  Grandpa wants to read “The New York Times” online, but can’t remember how to find the website and log in?

Aunt Tess wants to buy a special gift for her little niece from Amazon?  Yep, we got this!  And soon they will too!

Individual In Home Lessons

Customized Specifically For Your Unique Needs, In Your Home

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