Home Computer Troubleshooter

Our Only Priority Is You And Your Questions And Concerns

Do you really want to interrupt your busy life for a computer or printer problem?  

Do you want to disconnect your computer and worry about reconnecting all the wires when you return home from the computer repair shop?

If you bring your computer into a store do you want to be just another person walking through the door, or do you want to be a client with a name and real concern?  


The Computer Fairy cares about our clients, we value your time and want to make sure you feel like you're in good hands

Our personal, in-home services include:

  • Speed up a “bogged down, pokey computer” and make it run like new.

  • Clean up your hard drive and organize your folders so you can actually FIND documents, photos and music

  • Remove computer virus and protect against future “attacks”

  • Protect your confidential, personal information and accounts from potential hackers

  • Install a new wireless printer

  • Set up and install a brand new computer

  • Backup your critical data, and ensure your files are automatically protected on the cloud, and/ or on an external hard drive

  • Set up a new email account, or clean up your messy inbox. Now, wouldn’t that feel great?!

  • Sync all your devices for calendar, email, photos and music

  • PLUS, many, many more services - just ask.